AppCurity - AppScan as a Service

Cloud-Based Application Security Risk Management powered by IBM AppScan Enterprise

AppCurity On-Demand AppCurity Datasheet

AppCurity On-Demand®, Cloud based application security testing service is powered by IBM® AppScan Enterprise® an industry leading highly accurate and scalable solution that enables organizations to quickly scan web applications without purchasing, installing, administrating and monitoring scans.

AppCurity On-Demand scan engines sit in a secure cloud and scan all of your web applications for the latest and most severe application security vulnerabilities greatly reducing risk to you business.

By leveraging AppCurity True On-Demand, you can free your security organization up to focus on the activities relating to remediating security vulnerabilities within the web applications.

Key Benefits

  • COST – No upfront prohibitive cost and need to purchase install and manage industry leading IBM AppScan Enterprise application security testing solution.

  • QUICK - AppCurity True On-Demand provides a responsive and scalable In the Cloud security solution with the ability to scan and report on thousands of application security vulnerabilities within a short duration of time based on your immediate needs.

  • EASY- Users interact with our Cloud solution workflow to initiate, schedule and configure application scans through a simple user interface called AppCurity. On-Demand scans can be scheduled to run Ad-Hoc, at regular daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual intervals to provide ongoing monitoring of your organization’s application security issues.

  • CENTRALIZED - AppCurity True On-Demand gives you centralized control and automation over all aspects of your enterprise web application security scanning.

  • SCALABLE - AppCurity True On-Demand quickly scales to address your needs whether you have tens or hundreds of applications.