IBM AppScan Implementation and Deployment

At AppCurity we are pleased to present our premiere, True On-Demand, Application Security Testing Solution offered as a Cloud-based Service. Our revolutionary, innovative AppCurity technology will transform your current application security testing program, by removing current and / or potential solution on-premise cost. AppCurity dramatically reduces application layer risk by leveraging our one of a kind AppCurity Labs expertise. Your Application Security Testing efforts will benefit tremendously from the review, input and expertise of our Application Security Architects, Sr. Software Security Developers, Ethical Hackers, Security Engineers, Security Testers and Security Consultants.


IBM AppScan Enterprise

Mitigate application security risk, strengthen program management and achieve regulatory compliance with IBM AppScan Enterprise. Most AppScan Source products and components must communicate with an AppScan Enterprise Server. Without one, you can use AppScan Source for Development in local mode – but features such as custom rules, shared scan configurations, and shared filters will be unavailable.

The server provides centralized user management capabilities and a mechanism for sharing assessments via the AppScan Source Database.
The server includes an optional Enterprise Console component. If your administrator installs this component, you can publish assessments to it from AppScan Source for Analysis, AppScan Source for Automation, and the AppScan Source command line interface (CLI).

The Enterprise Console offers a variety of tools for working with your assessments – such as reporting features, issue management, trend analysis, and dashboards.

IBM Security AppScan Enterprise delivers:
* Scalable application security testing using a variety of testing techniques.
* Test policies, scan templates and vulnerability remediation advisories to help implement application security programs.
* Detailed security reports and enterprise level dashboards to provide visibility of risk and compliance.

IBM AppScan Security Source for Analysis

IBM® Security AppScan® Source helps organizations lower costs and reduce risk exposure by identifying web-based and mobile application source code vulnerabilities early in the software development lifecycle, so they can be fixed before deployment. Workbench to configure applications and projects, scan code, analyze, triage, and take action on priority vulnerabilities.

IBM Security AppScan Source integrates application security testing into your software development lifecycle. It offers enhanced mobile application scanning capabilities and supports testing for mobile web, native and hybrid applications, which includes support for JavaScript, HTML5, Cordova, Java and Objective-C. IBM Security AppScan Source also provides integration with IBM Worklight® Studio and the ability to scan Worklight applications.

IBM Security AppScan Source can enable:
• Stronger and more cost-effective software security through source code analysis.
• Improved intelligence through integration with existing tools and processes such as application development, build integration and security monitoring.
• Security best practices through centralized management and enforcement of security policies.
• Reporting, governance and compliance capabilities that facilitate communication of security status and issues.

IBM AppScan Security Source for Automation

The Automation Server allows you to automate key aspects of the AppScan® Source workflow and integrate security with build environments during the software development life cycle (SDLC). The Automation Server allows you to queue requests to scan and publish assessments, and generate reports on the security of application code.

IBM AppScan Security Source for Developer

AppScan Security Source for Developer allows software developers to find and take action on vulnerabilities during the development process. Developer plug-ins integrate many AppScan Source for Analysis features into Microsoft Visual Studio, the Eclipse workbench, and Rational® Application Developer for WebSphere® Software (RAD).