Application Security Consulting

At AppCurity, we care about the security of your company’s and customers’ private data as well as the on-going availability of security software that meets and exceeds regulatory compliance guidelines in protecting your sensitive data. As a great business practice, you require a software that is consistently evolving, recognizing possible vulnerabilities before they may occur and is accessible at any given time. Level 7 recognizes that requirement and is fulfilling that demand in services provided by its cloud-based security risk management solutions software, AppCurity. AppCurity is a cloud-based security risk management solutions software specializing in protecting your website from the most vicious internet attacks.

Application Security Architecture

Level 7’s AppCurity Application security architects will work to mitigate weaknesses, vulnerabilities and consult to provide security guidance to your organization or company through telecommunication or onsite.

Secure Software Design and Development

Level 7 follows the mandates described by Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Therefore, Level 7 attains secure software lifecycle professionals (SSLP) who are knowledgeable of OWASP, ensuring that your software built is not susceptible to security breaches, by surveying your software’s design and development.

Using AppCurity, Level 7’s security risk management solution, it minimizes the likelihood of exposure and the impact if exploited, thus fulfilling the mission of building hack resilient software.

Source Code Review

Source code reviews can find and remove common vulnerabilities such as format string exploits, race conditions, memory leaks and buffer overflows, thereby improving software security. Level 7 utilizes Code review practices that fall into two main categories: formal code review and lightweight code review. Whether your code review be lightweight/ automated or the traditional method of review, either way, Level 7’s inspections are extremely thorough and have been proven effective at finding defects in the code under review.

Application Vulnerability Remediation

Vulnerability and remediation is a discovery process that addresses the problem of a system being exploited by intruders with the use of algorithms, known as vulnerability discovery models (VDMs). These algorithms work together with measures designed to prevent the detection of vulnerabilities or to reduce their impact to a non-critical effect on your system with a process known as Vulnerability Remediation.

Application Risk Assessment

With the assistance of Application Risk Assessment, it is possible to make an informed decision about the level and severity of the vulnerabilities connected with your software. While your website may contain various vulnerabilities that require correction, some vulnerabilities are more severe and damaging than others. At Level 7, we will survey your infrastructure, software and customize framework to Safe-guard your website; attacking vulnerabilities by priority.

Incident Response

Avoiding the task of detecting incidents can be very costly to your company and thus passed along to your customers. Level 7’s AppCurity is an organized approach to not only addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or attack, but AppCurity is the ideal security risk management protector against such damages and responds aggressively to Incidents.

The primary purpose of Level 7’s AppCurity is to prevent damage and to reduce your company’s aftermath costs and recovery time. Nonetheless, should your company have already experienced security breaches, AppCurity will greatly improve your applications’ security risk management and bring your software to meet and exceed regulatory compliance guidelines. Click Here to get AppCurity now.

Expert Legal Testimony

Level 7’s Leadership team is comprised of qualified industry professionals that have familiarity with the success of advanced security risk management solutions, advanced levels of education, training, certifications, patents and specializations pertaining to the accolades of Level 7’s continuous development and success. Learn More about Level 7’s Leadership and its fundamentals.

PCI Compliance Review

Allow AppCurity to scan, defend and monitor your Payment Card data services against hackers. Hackers are greedy for your money and have no regard towards the damage that stealing financials and personal identity can be, nor the difficulty associated with recovering from such gruesome data breaches.
PCI data breaches are the costliest and most damaging data breaches your company or organization can acquire. Protect and Defend your financials with AppCurity.

Application Security Engineering

Level 7’s Application Security Engineers will review the front-end, web application architecture, design principles code and user-facing security of your website. Through this review, they will find and fix security bugs before they exploit your website.

Application Security Consulting

Application Security is a prime concern for organizations. Exploitation of sensitive data can ruin a company’s reputation, gutter its brand name, and result to regulatory non-compliance. Level 7’s state of the art, cloud-based, AppCurity security solution is an effective end-to-end set of services established with a holistic application security baseline that mitigates risk. Level 7’s security solution, cloud-based AppCurity, is in alignment with Level 7’s seven tenants: Level 7 utilizes a holistic perspective to application security from our value proposition in the simple fact that People, Processes and Technology are the core foundation for information systems in business.

In the beginning stages, prior to deployment of your applications: Level 7’s Application Security Engineers will scan your applications ensuring security assurance of all application code and products using AppCurity. After deployment, AppCurity is available to regularly assess the security level of the application, systematically throughout the build process. AppCurity will enhance and correct security integrity of application assets by performing systematic scan reviews which will monitor and make assessments to your application, thus identifying and prioritizing the high-risk application assets based on your organization or business niche, and the significant severity of what those vulnerabilities can be.