AppCurity Labs Services

At AppCurity we are pleased to present our premiere, True On-Demand, Application Security Testing Solution offered as a Cloud-based Service. Our revolutionary, innovative AppCurity technology will transform your current application security testing program, by removing current and / or potential solution on-premise cost. AppCurity dramatically reduces application layer risk by leveraging our one of a kind AppCurity Labs expertise. Your Application Security Testing efforts will benefit tremendously from the review, input and expertise of our Application Security Architects, Sr. Software Security Developers, Ethical Hackers, Security Engineers, Security Testers and Security Consultants.

Key Benefits:

Leverage our experience and expertise
At AppCurity we staff the worlds most experienced Application and Software Security Experts. Our business model is based on the premise that we can free you up to focus on your core competency. Leave all your Application and Software Security headaches to us.

Cost Effective
No longer do you need to take on the high cost of purchasing an enterprise solution, staffing really expensive experts and purchasing costly infrastructure. Simply outsource your application security needs to us and we’ll handle the rest at a super cost savings to you.

Leverage the worlds most powerful Application Security Platform on the Planet
Simply put, we’ve built the Worlds Largest, Most Powerful IBM AppScan Enterprise Server Farm on the Planet. We now own and operate the most powerful Application Security Platform on the Planet helping your realize unlimited potential.

Continuous Scanning
Since we have the Worlds Largest Application Security Platform it only makes sense that we can offer and support instantaneous On-Demand Continuous Scanning.

Having the Worlds Largest, Most Powerful Application Security Platform comes with some perks. Our AppCurity Platform affords us the ability to scale to any organizations size and or need. We can scan anything, at anytime, from anywhere.

The days of scans running for ever only to produce tons of false positives is over. Our AppCurity Platform runs 4 times faster than any of our competitors. No more false positives and no more waiting.