AppCurity Labs Application Security Assessment Portfolio

AppCurity’s AppCurity Labs has performed thousands of Web Application Security Testing Assessments. Our assessments range from Dynamic Application Security Testing to Static Application Security Testing, Mobile, Manual Penetration Testing, Web Services, API’s and more.
AppCurity Labs assessment portfolio touches client applications from every vertical market including, (Financial Services, Card Processing, Health Care, Medical, Insurance, Government, Software Maker, E-Commerce, Education, Retail, etc).
AppCurity Labs has performed assessments on Web Applications touching all forms of sensitive critical data such as (ex. Credit Card #’s, SSN #’s, Employment Information, Banking Account Information, Health Care and Medical Records), placing tremendous risk on our client organizations.
AppCurity Labs assessments have covered all major regulatory mandates including, PCI, GLBA, HIPAA, ISO, NERC, FISMA, FTC, SOX and more.