At AppCurity we are pleased to present our premiere, True On-Demand, Application Security Testing Solution offered as a Cloud-based Service. Our revolutionary, innovative AppCurity technology will transform your current application security testing program, by removing current and / or potential solution on-premise cost. AppCurity dramatically reduces application layer risk by leveraging our one of a kind AppCurity Labs expertise. Your Application Security Testing efforts will benefit tremendously from the review, input and expertise of our Application Security Architects, Sr. Software Security Developers, Ethical Hackers, Security Engineers, Security Testers and Security Consultants.

AppCurity Team


Don A. Clark

Executive Vice President Corporate Development
Mr. Clark is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley holding a degree in Computer Science. Mr. Clark has been a successful entrepreneur with over 25 years, co-founding 3 High Speed Networking companies in Silicon Valley. He holds an impressive 20 World-wide Patents most of which have been productized and distributed for Market. Mr. Clark’s business and technical background has proved critical in raising venture investments as well as driving significant company revenue growth. Mr. Clark holds interest in 3 businesses in the IT and Real Estate industries. His effective leadership style has strategically positioned AppCurity for strong year over year sales.

Jeremy Brooks

Mr. Brooks is an accomplished Information Security entrepreneur with an impeccable reputation for solutions oriented delivery. He has over 15 years’ experience aggressively growing company revenue through Strategic Business Partnerships. Mr. Brooks has held executive information security leadership positions at BCBSM, VISA, Wells Fargo, Autodesk, HP and Kelly Services. He has successfully created security software products incrementally driving consistent growth and profitability. His ability to clearly demonstrate the business value proposition while solving complex security problems has been instrumental in obtaining significant venture capital investments. He is a product of the University of Detroit Mercy and an avid contributor to the information security industry speaking at numerous conferences such as Splunk .Conf, IBM Think, RSA, Atlassian Summit OWASP AppSecUSA.


Nan Chen

Sr. Application Security Engineer
Mrs. Chen is an Application and Software Security Expert with over 10 years experience. Mrs. Chen has held executive a number of significant senior level roles specifically with Sirius, BCBSM and Visa. Mrs. Chen is instrumental in helping organizations understand and manage risk at the application layer. Ms. Chen specific area of expertise is in Application Security product integration such as AppScan Enterprise, Qradar, Site Protector XGS, Archer, F5, Imperva, JIRA and Splunk to name a few.

Carl Davis

Sr. Application Security Engineer
Mr. Davis is an Application and Software Security Expert with over 10 years experience. Mr. Davis has held significant senior level roles at Cigital, HP and Optiv. He specifically specializes in Dynamic, Static and Mobile Application Security Assessments, Secure Code Reviews, Architecture, Risk Assessment as well as Secure Coding Best Practices.


Roman Rounkle

Sr. Application Security Penetration Tester / Ethical Hacker
Mr. Rounkle is an Application and Software Security Professional with over 10 years experience. Mr. Rounkle held significant positions at Wells Fargo. He specializes in Dynamic, Static, Mobile Application Security Assessments and Web Penetration / Ethical Hacker. He is also a Secure Coding and Development specialist.

Michael Moore

Sr. DevSecOps Engineer
Mr. Moore is an Application and Software Security professional with over 10 years experience. Mr. Moore has held significant positions at BCBSM, GE and Wells Fargo. He specializes in Secure Code Review, Secure Coding Training, Application Security Vulnerability Remediation and Secure Code Development Solutions. Mr. Moore is fluent in (Java, .net, PHP, C/C++) and more.


Inga Edwards

Sr. DevSecOps Engineer
Ms. Edwards is an Sr. DevOps Security Build Engineer. Ms. Edwards has performed many complex, cutting-edge AppScan integratons. She is a CI/CD SME working with Jenkins, Bamboo, TFS, TeamCity, GoCD just to name a few. She has expertise with custom CI integration for Security Automation and is a wiz with RESTful APIs.

Naviar Hogan

Sr. Security Software Developer
Ms. Hogan is a seasoned Secure Software Developer. Ms. Hogan has held a number of high visibility Security Architecture, Developer and Designer roles. Ms. Hogan specializes in Java, .net, PHP, Ruby and C++. Ms. Hogan is a expert Secure Code Reveiw, Secure Coding Analysis and Secure Development specialist.


Jason Smith

Sr. Security Engineer
Mr. Smith is an Sr. DevOps Security Build Engineer. Mr. Smith assist Development, Operations and Security teams in building Continuous Integration and Deployment Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing Automation Jobs for DevOps. He has expertise with Jenkins, TFS, Bamboo, Java, Python, Nexus, Stash, Splunk, Nexus, Sonar, JIRA and a whole host of best in breed Continuous Integration and Deployment tools.

Corey Johnson

Sr. Security AppScan Enterprise & Security AppScan Source Engineer
Mr. Johnson is a Security AppScan Enterprise and Security AppScan Source for Automation integration and automation expert. He currently leads all Security AppScan Enterprise and Security AppScan Source for Automation projects, whereby he integration multiple security solutions allowing for full end to end Static and Dynamic Security Testing Automation for Development Builds and QA/Pre-Prod deploys for DevOps.