At AppCurity we are pleased to present our premiere, True On-Demand, Application Security Testing Solution offered as a Cloud-based Service. Our revolutionary, innovative AppCurity technology will transform your current application security testing program, by removing current and / or potential solution on-premise cost. AppCurity dramatically reduces application layer risk by leveraging our one of a kind AppCurity Labs expertise. Your Application Security Testing efforts will benefit tremendously from the review, input and expertise of our Application Security Architects, Sr. Software Security Developers, Ethical Hackers, Security Engineers, Security Testers and Security Consultants.

Michael Sheppard

Founder and CEO
Mr. Sheppard is a driven technology entrepreneur and application security SME with over 15 years experience leading customer-centric security service providers. Mr. Sheppard has held executive leadership positions at BCBSM, VISA and Kelly Services. He has been instrumental in creating large strategic IBM Business Security Partnerships and MSRP sales channels successfully driving consistent growth and profitability.

Jerry Garnett

Mr. Garnett is an experienced information technology business executive with over 25 years experience in enterprise sales, operations and management. Mr. Garnett has held numerous executive leadership positions. He is specifically responsible for the day to day operations at AppCurity whereby he leads the executive team with all business initiatives and goals.


Don A. Clark

Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Clark is an exceptional entrepreneur and business development executive. Mr. Clark has held executive leadership positions at Blaze Network Products, Universal Lightspeed and Gigabit Optics. He Holds a Bachelor in Computer Science from UC Berkley. In addition Mr. Clark holds over 10 Patents in the Networking Field. Mr. Clark is instrumental in developing new business across numerous industries.

Paul Halbaught

Sr. VP of Sales
Mr. Halbaught is a diverse executive with a pedigree of experience. Mr. Halbaught is Sr. VP of Sales and is instrumental in the development of strategic IBM Business Security Partnerships and Reseller arrangements. Mr. Halbaught has a Master of Science degree in Telecommunications Management and obtained a Ph.D. (ABD) from Stevens Institute of Technology. Mr. Halbaught is responsible for global enterprise sales.