Who We Are

AppCurity is a IBM Security Business Partner specializing in delivery of Cloud-based Application Security Testing and Software Security services / business solutions to niche markets, significantly reducing business risk at the application layer. We provide a wide range of critical application security services touching every phase of the software development life cycle. Our team of expert consultants, engineers and developers, coupled with usage of industry best practices and proven methodologies puts us at the forefront of this extremely relevant industry. The OWASP Top Ten serve as a governing foundation for everything we do along with usage of enterprise security tools giving your business the AppCurity advantage:

What We Do

At AppCurity we deliver highly specialized, premium application and software security services and solutions utilizing a revolutionary new approach dedicated to the adherence to 7 Core Tenants. This radical new approach focuses specifically on addressing the true root cause and not the technical symptoms we see and hear about every day. To learn more give us a call and watch your application security program prosper.

Who We Serve

At AppCurity our team of expert security professionals derives from large enterprise industries across the world. As a result we possess a unique understanding for corporate processes, procedures, technologies, stakeholders and day to day operations giving us a competitive advantage, by allowing us to provide services in a way which our clients enjoy consuming. We service all business sectors and industries. We exclusively cater to specific niche industries such as; Dealerships, Staffing Firms, Credit Unions and Community Banks, Colleges and Universities, Fast Food and Retail, Corporate Housing, Software Makers, Real Estate Firms, Insurance Firms and Mega Churches.

Why We’re Different

It’s All About the Risk – Our Risk based approach connected to the fundamental belief that application layer risk is simply a business problem shaping how we deliver our services and solutions. We incorporate a very aggressive, proactive, strategic implementation of Defense in Depth as a methodology and unique differentiator.

Our Differentiation Proposition:

Our value proposition lies in the simple fact that People, Processes and Technology are the core foundation for information systems in business. These three components represent a major chunk of why companies are successful. Where we differentiate is in our ability to approach what we do as a fundamental business problem and solutions oriented provider by strict adherence to the 7 Tenants which are;

Leadership is essential to building and sustaining a viability, successful, comprehensive application security program. The lack of strong leadership is a key contributor to gaps in which breaches and compromises occur.

Teamwork is one of the key components to the health and happiness of any application security program. Without teamwork organizations are left with the prospect of potential threats falling through the gaps.

Effective communication is necessary at every level of business but even more so with application security. Failure to communicate effectively as an organization consistently leads to a weaker security posture and potential breach.

Discrimination or bias towards ones ethnicity, race, religion, gender, etc are all potential inhibitors to effective security at the application layer. Discrimination minimizes the effectiveness of those tasked with protecting the business.

Fear is a very powerful. Fear can promote the inability to act when connected to potential security risk. Fear can ultimately makes organizations more vulnerable to risk inherently causing breach and or compromise

Environment / Culture are continuously preventing organizations from operating successful application security programs. Internal dysfunction is generally very likely to enhance the potential for breach and or exposure.

Denial is a key contributor to an unhealthy application security program. Denial promotes a false sense of security often causing organizations to miss red flags and ultimately miss detection of serious security risk.