Domino’s Delivery of a Faster Response was No Standard Order

The breakout presentation from Atlassian Summit 2017 by Domino’s Pizza on how they transformed a complex, multi-ticket, time-consuming process into an automated workflow. Using deep knowledge of Atlassian tools, a little ingenuity, and a lot of ITSM, a great partner in Forty8Fifty Labs, and DevOps best practices, Domino’s IT Team responded faster than ever.

AppSwag Lite

Enabling organizations to automate application security testing for CI/CD pipelines, is essential to supporting fast-paced, agile, micro-services development. Our expertise around CI/CD integration for automated security testing is critical to mitigating risk and achieving compliance.

AppSwag Standard

Helping organizations realize maximum value from IBM Security AppScan through custom development allows customers to meet unique requirements and use cases that allows them to collaborate, establish policies, scale testing, and prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities throughout the application lifecycle.

AppSwag Premium

Filling gaps, addressing critical pain points and extending the value of IBM Security AppScan for customers is paramount. By developing Software Security Solutions that enable automation we help IBM customers support scale, solution for problems and maximize efficiency ultimately helping reduce risk to the organization.

AppSwag Enterprise

Helping organizations realize maximum value from IBM Security AppScan through custom development allows customers to meet unique requirements and use cases that allows them to collaborate, establish policies, scale testing, and prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities throughout the application lifecycle.

Leaders in Next Generation Application Security

On the Cutting-edge of Security Enablement for Microservices...........

AppCurity is a Large IBM Security Business Partner specializing in the development of security enablement software products that fill gaps, address significant pain points, simplify complex workflows and extend the value of Partner solutions like IBM Security AppScan and QRadar.

AppCurity is also strategically partnered with organizations such as Atlassian, Sirius Computer Solutions, Forty8Fifty Labs, Splunk and Synopsys to provide competitive security enablement products that extend the value of their enterprise solutions.

AppCurity launched in January of 2018. Since then, the Company has been developing competitive security enablement products which are leveraged by partner solutions commonly found within Fortune 500 clients in the Financial Services, Card Processing, Retail, E-commerce, Insurance, Health Care and Telecommunications industries.  

AppCurity software products allow our partners to sell more of their security solutions because we expand their existing capabilities enabling them to fill gaps, simplify complex workflows and address major pain points, ultimately helping solve real business problems. The Bottom line is, “We significantly enhance partner solutions, extending their value, allowing them to sell more”.

Our deep knowledge of IBM Security Solutions and considerable Real-World experience in Application Security positions us to create software products which are integration friendly, helping partner solutions offer a significantly higher ROI and Value Proposition for the end customer.  

Security for Microservice APIs in DevOps Sucks!!!!!

So What's the Big Deal.......

Security in todays agile microservices development lifecycle just doesn't work, it SUCKS literally, impeding development innovation and slowing time to market. The shift of enterprise development organizations away from traditional monolithic applications to microservices has exacerbated an already bad situation, making it worse.

Traditional security tools, solutions and processes have struggled to provide meaningful value when the development organization needs security feedback early on in development where it is both cheaper and easier to correct security defects. Now with agile development of microservices in DevOps the problem is just outright grave. Tradtional security tools, solutions and processess typically need to happen in a very serial way which worked for waterfall.

Today, critical security feedback in the form of risk data is being captured too late and being fedback to the development organization in an asynchronous matter just as services are being released into production. This current security process both disrupts and frustrates development teams as they now must incorporate security remediation in upcoming sprints whereby resources are already tight as well as timelines. The bottom line is that todays security tools, solutions and processes do not work for microservices development because they can't support it or keep pace, yielding little if any value to the development organization.

At AppCurity we're attacking this problem by building the Next Generation of Application Security Enablement products for agile microservices development that fills the gaps previously discussed, addresses common critical pain-points, simplifies complex workflows and extends the value of trusted enterprise security solutions. We do this by first understanding the needs of agile development teams that build microservices in a DevOps ecosystem.

We identify critical gaps, such as poor security engagement in microservices development which then leads to lack of security requirements for development teams as they build microservices. The lack of automated Static & Dynamic Security Testing (SAST&DAST) of RESTFul APIs as part of the CI/CD Pipeline with Pass/Fail feedback for Development teams and lastly inadequate real- time vulnerability alerting to development teams for open source code. These critical gaps all lead to risk ridden microservices being deployed to production exposing the business to significant risk. These are just a few examples out of many where security is failing to provide value for microservices development teams in DevOps.

Traditional security tools, solutions and processes were not built or designed to support agile microservices development in DevOps. They lack the capabilities necessary to support rapid microservices development. By incorporating our security enablement products for microservices development we extend the value of traditional security tools and solutions affording them to now support key requirements necessary to support agile face-paced microservices development in DevOps. Our security enablement solutions are ushering in the Next Generation of Application Security empowering development teams and finally allowing security to yield significant value when it's really needed early on in the development lifecycle.